An online symposium has heard concerns about how the mental health and wellbeing of Traveller children is being impacted by poor accommodation.

The 'Inquiry on Accommdation' was the latest in a series of meetings organised by the Galway Traveller Movement as part of its campaign to secure improvements.

The organisation has particular worries about the welfare of over 300 children living on Traveller specific sites around Co Galway. It says none have adequate play facilities or green spaces for recreation.

GTM claims 20 families seeking culturally appropriate accommodation are "living in limbo" with no progress on their cases. In one instance, a family with eight children is said to be living in a one room unit.

The organisation has reiterated a call for an adequately resourced agency to oversee Traveller accommodation.

It says local authorities have consistently failed to deal with the issue.

Galway Traveller Anne Marie Stokes said overcrowded, damp and inadequate living conditions were particularly distressing for children.

She said members of the Traveller community felt that there was no sense of urgency on the part of local or national government to deal with the problem and that, as a result, they felt that "our children, and our community, don't count".