A decision on a proposed ring road for Galway city has been pushed back again.

After several deferments already, An Bord Pleanála had indicated that it expected to issue a ruling on the application for the route tomorrow.

But the planning board is still considering evidence in relation to the proposal and a final ruling has yet to be arrived at.

Latest indications are that a decision will be made sometime next month.

Supporters of the planned 18km route say it is essential to deal with widespread gridlock in the city.

They argue that the future development of the city is largely contingent on traffic alleviation measures being carried out.

But opponents contend that the construction of a dual and single carriageway route, from Bearna to the existing M6, would only increase emissions.

Many instead favour enhanced investment in sustainable transport options and an increased focus on potential public transport solutions.

A formal application for the ring road was submitted over three years ago.

Since then, compulsory acquisition notices have been issued to around 500 landowners along the favoured route.

The project would entail the demolition of 44 properties, around 40 of which are occupied.

The lead agency for the project, Galway County Council, estimated the road would take three years to construct.

It would involve a number of tunnels, as well as a viaduct over the River Corrib.