A new initiative in Galway city will see volunteers spray dog foul with bright yellow paint, as well as footpath stencils stating: "Clean it up you dirty pup!"

Galway City Council said no fines were issued in the last two years to dog owners in relation to animal waste in public places.

The local authority says it is hoping the new campaign will change attitudes to dog fouling and lead to better enforcement in problem areas.

While on the spot fines of €150 can be issued to owners who do not clean up their pets’ mess, none were handed out in 2019 or 2020.

The council said this highlights the difficulty it faces in definitively identifying culprits.

As part of the new campaign, dog owners who supply images of themselves cleaning up their pooch’s poo will be entered in a monthly draw for a €20 gift voucher.

The effort to clean up the city streets will also see Community Wardens operating outside regular hours, in a bid to catch careless owners red handed.

Under the Litter pollution ACT 1997, dog owners are legally obliged to clean up after their pets if they go to the toilet in public places.

Non payment of on initial fines can result in penalties of up to €3000 on conviction.