The HSE is to provide additional Covid-19 testing capacity on the NUI Galway campus, to cater for students attending third-level institutes in the city.

The facility will also be used by local residents, who may not be in a position to travel to the drive-through test centre at Galway Airport.

The centre will open tomorrow and will operate by appointment only, from Monday to Friday.

The move comes as demand for coronavirus swabbing continues to rise around Galway. Over 500 people presented at Galway Airport in Carnmore yesterday, where former hangar buildings have been repurposed.

There are ongoing concerns about the level of community transmission locally. Yesterday, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre reported 28 new cases around Galway.

Latest data shows that 94% of people referred for swabbing in Co Galway are getting same day or next day appointments. 

Some 90% of close contacts of confirmed cases are being tested, with positive findings for 14% of those.

Close contacts found to be negative on the first test are tested again seven days later. At present, 2% of those initial negatives are subsequently found to be positive, when the second test is carried out.

Galway is one of the counties where a rise in case numbers has been highlighted throughout the week.

In an effort to prevent large gatherings in the city, a pathway between the River Corrib and the Claddagh Basin has been closed off today by Galway City Council.

The location in question was in the spotlight earlier this week, when hundreds of students were photographed congregating there, on the first night of the new academic term.