A documentary featuring groundbreaking research into blood clots that can cause strokes will open in Galway this weekend.

'A Tiny Spark' looks at work taking place at the Neuroscience Centre at NUI Galway and speaks to stroke survivors in their 30s.

The film focuses on stroke and cerebrovascular research.

Ongoing work at NUI Galway forms part of an international study analysing thousands of stroke-causing blood clots collected from patients around the world.

These little bundles of cells could carry a wealth of information, which could point to big improvements to people's lives by improving stroke prevention and treatment.

Contributors to the documentary include Rebecca Slattery from Limerick who had a stroke shortly after she turned 30 and became a new mother. 

Dr John Thornton, Consultant Neuroradiologist at Beaumount Hospital, and Helena Heffernan, Stroke Group Coordinator, Irish Heart Foundation also feature in the documentary.

Neuroscientist Dr Karen Doyle from NUIG, explains how clots come in varying shapes and sizes and have completely different compositions.

"Understanding the composition of the clots will help improve medical device design and hopefully aid in removing the clots as quickly as possible to give the patients the best outcome," she said.

Her research involves studying neurovascular stress, the causes of neuronal loss and investigating novel strategies to protect brain tissue from damage.

'A Tiny Spark' opens at the PÁLÁS Theatre in Galway City.

To see Dr Doyle's talk about her research into removing blood clots that can lead to stroke in a study that is the first of its kind in the world, click here.