Green leader Eamon Ryan has said he thinks his party's result in the election will surprise people predicting the Greens will win 15 seats.

Eamon Ryan also said the party is no longer a small party, suggesting this election would be a breakthrough.

He was speaking at the Greens' final press conference of the campaign, which he described as the "climate change election".

"Regardless of what the media or political commentators say, it's what the scientists say that matters."

Mr Ryan said if people want to put Ireland on "the right path," then they should vote Green on Saturday.

He also pointed to the party's female candidates to make gains in the west of the country, describing them as the "wild Atlantic women".

The Green Party leader also said he did not have concerns about the non-jury Special Criminal Court and said we should be aiming to have a jury-based system.

He said the court should be reviewed, but that it should be up to the Director of Public Prosecutions to decide whether a case could go ahead without a jury if the issue of witness intimidation arose.

Mr Ryan said he detected a sense of fear while campaigning in Drogheda, Co Louth and said we had to "stand up for the State" and for the people, against intimidation.

He says he expects Saoirse McHugh to vote alongside the party on such matters if she gets elected.

Earlier, the Mayo candidate tweeted that the Special Criminal Court should be abolished.