The leader of the Green Party has said the real issues around addressing climate change have not been discussed in the election campaign.

Speaking outside the party's offices in Dublin city centre, Eamon Ryan said much of the climate change debate so far has been around 'cows and carbon tax'.

He also said the issue had been framed in the negative and the opportunities around how we can benefit from tackling the problem have not been explored.

Asked if he, along with his candidates, were partly to blame for this, he said the party had set out its positions consistently and he said he thinks the party will do 'very well' in the election and could possibly win 15 seats.

He said he thinks there will be a swing to Greens at the 'last minute.'

The Green Party leader also said he would sit down with all parties, including Sinn Féin, after the election to discuss government formation, saying the scale of the climate change problem demands that.

Asked if the case of Paul Quinn  would impact on the Sinn Féin vote, he said 'I don't know'.