The Green Party leader has said it is a shame that climate change has not been centre stage in this election campaign.

Eamon Ryan was speaking at the launch of the party's climate policy in the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun in Dublin which is National Centre for Circular Economy promoting reuse and upcycling.

He was critical of the bigger political parties' plans to tackle the climate crisis saying the Green Party's policies are "inclusive and long thinking".

Election candidate Neasa Hourigan said: "Fine Gael is totally lacking in ambition and vision ... the feeling from its manifesto is everything is put on the long finger".

She said all of the Fine Gael proposals are based on econonic evaluation and feasibility studies.

Ms Hourigan said in its manifesto Fianna Fáil does not give exact details on how it will get the reduction in carbon emissions that it is promising.

She described the party's plans as "fuzzy logic".

Ms Hourigan challenged Fianna Fáil to "Tell us how to do it. Tell us your what your plan it".

Another Green candidate, Roderic O'Gorman, said Sinn Féin is committing to doing things that have already been done.

He gave an example of Sinn Féin's pledge to ban fracking saying it was passed in a private members' bill in 2018.