Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said he wants Green representation in Cork and in the Dáil because it will benefit the city and county in going green.

Mr Ryan was speaking at the official launch of the Green Party's general election campaign in the five Cork constituencies.

He said the party is running a candidate in every constituency and he thinks they have a chance of winning up to 15 seats and he wants at least one Green seat in Cork.

He believes all five candidates running in County Cork have a chance of taking a seat.

"It will be up to the Cork people to vote that way on Saturday. I think they get it, I think Cork wants to go green, is ready to go green, and if they do, they should vote green on Saturday."

He says confidence levels are good. He believes people still have to make up their minds but that they want and are looking for change.

Addressing climate change, he believes, is the best way of making change because it improves everyday life.