Dublin has ranked 23rd out of 55 cites around the world in its ability to attract and foster female entrepreneurs, a survey from Dell Technologies shows.

The 2023 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index ranks cities across the world based on their ability to attract high-potential women entrepreneurs who want to do more, scale faster and thrive.

London and New York took the top spot, followed by the Bay Area, Paris and Stockholm.

The 55 cities included in the survey were ranked on five characteristics - capital, technology, talent, culture and markets.

Dublin has climbed 11 positions since 2017, when it ranked 34th.

It also excelled in the list of the most advanced cities for women entrepreneurs in the technology sector, ranking 7th.

The research specifically highlighted the city's advantage in the access to a qualified and diverse workforce and its central role as a major global hub for cybersecurity.

Meanwhile, Dublin ranked 8th out of the 55 cities in gender equality in leadership in the tech industry and 12th for its access to mentors and role models for women.

However, today's report states that access to capital remains a missing piece of the ecosystem for many women to be able to scale their business in Dublin.

"While there's still much progress to be made, it’s fantastic to see Dublin recognised as an emerging hub for talented women entrepreneurs, especially in the technology industry," said Ciara Dempsey, Regional Sales Senior Manager at Dell Technologies Ireland.

"By further investing in high potential women entrepreneurs and equipping policymakers with data-driven insights, we can foster an ecosystem where business leaders and entrepreneurs can grow regardless of gender," she added.

Dell WE Cities 2023 Ranking – Overall

1. London
2. New York
3. Bay Area
4. Paris
5. Stockholm
6. Chicago
7. Los Angeles
8. Toronto
9. Sydney
10. Boston
11. Washington DC
12. Melbourne
13. Seattle
14. Wellington
15. Berlin
16. Amsterdam
17. Copenhagen
18. Auckland
19. Vancouver
20. Atlanta
21. Portland
22. Singapore
23. Dublin
24. Austin
25. Miami
26. Barcelona
27. Minneapolis
28. Taipei
29. Hong Kong
30. Beijing
31. Houston
32. Warsaw
33. Pittsburgh
34. Belfast
35. Shanghai
36. Munich
37. Tel Aviv
38. Milan
39. Kuala Lumpur
40. Dubai
41. Seoul
42. Johannesburg
43. Nairobi
44. Hamburg
45. Tokyo
46. Bangalore
47. Montpellier
48. Mumbai
49. Delhi
50. Istanbul
51. Sao Paulo
52. Lima
53. Mexico City
54. Jakarta
55. Guadalajara