American connector and senor company TE Connectivity opens its rapid prototyping facility in Galway today, following a €5 million investment.

The centre has opened at the Propelus Prototype Centre for medical devices at its existing manufacturing facility in the Parkmore West Business Park.

The new centre aims to reduce the development time for new medical devices and increase the speed to market.

The company said it can ultimately lead to TE manufacturing a larger range of devices for interventional, surgical, imaging and sensor applications for the world's leading medical technology brands.

TE's medical business has had a presence in Galway since 1979 and employs around 1,300 people in the region.

"The principle is simple – getting high quality prototypes into customers’ hands as quickly as possible," said Mark Gill, Director of Operations.

"By improving the speed of product development and manufacturing, TE will help customers innovate and iterate advanced treatments at a more efficient pace, ultimately transforming patient care for the better," he added.