Flogas Energy has announced it is again increasing the prices it charges for gas and electricity.

From 19 August, its prices for gas will rise by 24.1%, while the increase for electricity is 9.8%.

The higher charges will see average monthly gas bills rising by €30, with electricity bills increasing by between €13.39 and €16.20.

This equates to an average gas bill rise of 19.8%, and electricity bill rise of 8.1%.

Standing charges for both gas and electricity will not be increased.

Today's increase follows a previous price rise announcement from Flogas in April, that took effect in May.

The energy supplier increased its gas and electricity prices four times in 2021.

Flogas General Manager Paul Kenny said the company has "no option but to increase our rates in the current environment".

Flogas, which has around 35,000 customers, said the increase is due to the "continuing and unprecedented increases in wholesale gas prices and the associated increases in wholesale electricity costs".

The supplier said it will support affected customers though its customer service teams and said there is a range of supports, including payment plans, "budget pay" options and pre-payment meters.