One third of hybrid workers struggle to disconnect and one quarter feel demotivated or uninspired, according to new research from Microsoft Ireland.

The 'Work Trends Index' also reveals that almost a quarter of hybrid workers feel removed from the company culture and senior leadership.

A total of 44% of workers agreed it was harder to build trust with colleagues in a remote or hybrid environment and more than a third said that their team culture had deteriorated.

36% of hybrid workers said they felt lonelier, but a third of workers said they felt more included in meetings via online platforms, as they felt they had more ways of being heard.

The survey also reveals that Irish workers place high value on positive work cultures, flexible working hours and benefits that promote positive health and well-being.

Poor company culture and a negative impact on mental health were the top reasons workers left their roles in 2021.

27% of workers said a lack of flexible working opportunities led them to seek new employment last year.

"The next 12 months is a pivotal time for many leaders as we try to determine how to transform our workplaces and best meet the needs of our employees after such a dramatic change in ways of working," said Anne Sheehan, General Manager of Microsoft Ireland.

"It is clear from our findings that the shift to a hybrid workplace begins with culture – one that embraces a growth mindset and a willingness to re-imagine nearly every aspect of the way work gets done," she added.

The research was carried out among more than 600 workers across Ireland.