The total number of people on the Live Register or in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment reduced by almost 10% over the month of November, according to the latest Live Register figures from the CSO.

The total number stood at 216,959 at the end of the month, a reduction of 9.4%.

In unadjusted terms, the Live Register total stood at 164,626 for the month.

When adjusted for seasonal factors, the Live Register total for November was 170,200, up 100 from October.

In the last week of November 2021, 54,824 persons were in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment, down 22,979 from last month and down 299,077 from a year ago, the report noted.

Today's release also contains further information on the totals on the Live Register or the various Covid-19 income supports in October.

Of the 522,025 persons on the Live Register or benefitting from the PUP, TWSS or the EWSS in October, 51.1% were male and 48.9% were female, while 18.4% were aged under 25 and 81.6% were aged 25 years and over.

"The number supported by all schemes was down from 804,099 a year earlier. October 2021 is the current low point of that series, while September 2021 (572,673) is the next lowest point of the series," the report notes.

The current high point of the series was reached in April 2020 when 1,179,256 were in receipt of supports.

"The COVID-19 income support schemes were introduced in March 2020 and the first payment of the PUP referred to the week ending 22 March 2020, while the TWSS was first paid on 24 March 2020, but could relate to earlier payslips," Edel Flannery, CSO Senior Statistician explained.