Irish based international food company Kepak aims to reduce emissions at its facility in Athleague in Roscommon by up to 90% through a partnership with climate action solutions company, ActionZero.

The project will involve the installation of the company's EscoPod patented heat pump system with the aim of removing carbon from heat generated at the plant.

It is claimed the system delivers energy costs savings of up to 60% and energy savings of up to 70%.

The project is expected to result in the elimination of almost 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year at the Athleague plant, a reduction of 90% if achieved.

The initial project at the Athleague plant is said to be worth €2.3 million but is expected to grow to over €15 million as ActionZero's system is rolled out to ten sites in the wider Kepak factory network.

"The ActionZero EscoPod system will make a huge contribution to our 2030 group sustainability targets, delivering impressive cost savings and a strong return on investment," Kepak group CEO Simon Walker said.

"This is a landmark sustainability moment for the food sector - removing carbon emissions, increasing productivity, lowering cost. To make sustainability happen, we need to make it profitable, and that's exactly what we are doing," Denis Collins, ActionZero CEO said.