The average salary package for a Chartered Accountant in Leinster has remained consistent with recent years at €112,033, according to an annual survey from Chartered Accountants Leinster Society, Barden and Coyne Research.

The survey, carried out between 22 July and 9 August, highlights strong earning potential for those entering the profession, with newly qualified Chartered Accountants receiving an average salary package of €57,164.

The majority of members surveyed said they hold full-time permanent roles, up slightly on 2020.

Over four in five of those surveyed said their total salary has increased within the past three years, with one in three claiming it has increased by more than 25%.

The survey also showed a significant increase in those expecting a bonus payment in 2021 at 67%, compared with 52% the previous year.

85% of members have a pension, unchanged from 2020, with employers contributing on average 9% of their salary.

Over half of members surveyed (55%) said they receive health insurance as part of a salary package, up from 48% in 2018.

The survey also examined the impact of Covid-19 on working life.

88% of respondents said they have the ability to work from home, compared with 50% pre-pandemic.

48% said they now avail of flexible working arrangements such as flexitime, time in lieu and job-sharing, compared with 39% pre-pandemic.

Jilly Harvey, Chairperson of Chartered Accountants Ireland Leinster Society, said that greater work-life balance with flexible arrangements are valued by members in greater numbers than in any previous Leinster Society survey.

"It is reassuring that employers are providing tangible ways to meet those needs as part of the overall remuneration package on offer to new and established professionals.

"The survey points to a profession that is adapting well for the post-pandemic world of work, while retaining the many benefits, such as strong starting salaries and flexible entry routes, that make Chartered Accountancy an attractive career path for so many," she said.