There was a substantial bounce in passenger numbers in and out Ireland's ports and airports in June, according to the Central Statistics Office.

160,000 passengers arrived in Ireland on overseas routes in the month. That was up 87% on the numbers in May.

199,100 passengers departed Ireland on overseas routes in June, just over double the numbers in the previous month.

Compared to June of last year, there were around three times as many passengers arriving in and departing from Ireland.

However, overseas travel remains dramatically lower than pre-pandemic levels.

In June 2019, 1,941,100 passengers arrived and 2,081,000 passengers left Ireland.

"The June 2021 statistics show that continental routes contributed most to the passenger traffic," Gregg Patrick, Statistician with the CSO said.

"Apart from Great Britain - which accounted for all cross-channel routes - the most important routing countries for overseas travel in June were Spain, Poland and the Netherlands."