Energy firm Pinergy has acquired Co Wexford-based solar installation company Solar Electric.

Solar Electric supplies and installs solar electricity and energy storage systems in homes and businesses.

That allows users to generate electricity on their own premises, making them less dependent on their own supplier.

Solar Electric also offers batteries to customers, meaning energy surpluses can be storted for later use.

Eventually so-called micro-generators will also have the option of selling energy back to providers - meaning they can benefit further when their solar panels produce high levels of electricity.

It has had a partnership with Pinergy since 2017 but the acquisition means the supplier will be able to provide more energy solutions products directly to customers.

"We see great opportunity in the Solar PV [Photovoltaic] and energy storage sector where we can help our clients to self-generate, store, use or sell onward the energy that they do not use. Thus, treating energy as a resource, not a commodity," said Pinergy CEO Enda Gunnell.

"With Ireland's Climate Action Bill now passed and commitments on targets to have the country achieve net zero emissions by 2050, there will clearly need to be an acceleration in the Solar PV estate across Ireland as part of our renewable energy mix.

"In addition, the rollout of the Microgeneration Support Scheme, when launched, will play a vital role in the energy transition, encouraging businesses and communities to generate their own energy and sell excess renewable energy into the national grid."