Dr Marie Casey, a specialist in Public Health Medicine has said businesses are still not fully adhering to some simple public health measures.

She was speaking on RTÉ's Drivetime as a new guide to Covid safety in the workplace has been launched by the Department of Public Health Mid-West.

The five page guide entitled "Safe Work Stops Covid" is aimed at making it easier for people to improve their adherence to public health measures.

Dr Casey explained that mask wearing inconsistency could contribute to the spread of Covid-19.

She suggested that fitting a mask in the car, rather than putting it on as you approach your workplace, could help ensure that it is on safely.

"I can recall a situation where there was very good mask wearing in a particular business. They were very consistent with it when they're working with clients, but then they decided to have a short meeting together and into the room together and took off their masks. At the time, there was a person who was pre symptomatic so but they were affected. And they managed to infect everybody in the room with them at the same time. That's kind of a classic example," she said.

Dr Casey said there is inconsistency in mask wearing in canteens.

"A lot of places they will be very good on the work floor but then they go to break room or a canteen. A lot of people crammed together, and masks are off because people are eating and drinking so that's the place where these things kind of go wrong."