Eir has introduced 5G broadband, a wireless broadband connection that uses the mobile network signal to connect to the internet.

The company said it is a solution for homes and businesses that cannot yet access high speed wired broadband.

It said this service will allow customers to use eir's 5G mobile network to access data speeds which in many cases are much faster than available wired connections.

"We began building Ireland’s largest 5G network in 2019 - today more than 57% of the population can access that network, across every county in Ireland," said Susan Brady, eir's Managing Director of Consumer and Small Business.

"In areas where fibre broadband is not yet available, this product can provide a real alternative," she said.

Eir said this option offers their "fastest ever" mobile broadband with no data limits.

It said the set up is simple, with the advantage of mobile connectivity.

"Whether travelling for work, or holidaying across Ireland, this solution provides reliable, instant connectivity," it said in a statement.