Despite the launch of 5G handsets and services in Ireland, new research by Ericsson shows there has been no change in Irish consumer intention to upgrade to 5G over the past two years.

The survey reveals that 22% of people with 5G enabled devices had not taken up a 5G subscription by the end of last year.

The report states that there is a significant 'knowledge gap' among Irish consumers when it comes to 5G.

John Griffin, Managing Director at Ericsson Ireland said increased adoption would not only benefit consumers, but also businesses - including sectors such as manufacturing, health and farming.

"They can all take advantage of 5G-enabled smart technology, thus supporting Ireland's economic recovery," he said.

The research states that Ireland's early adopters are using 5G primarily in the home and even as a replacement for WiFi, while also using more bandwidth intensive applications.

26% of 5G users in Ireland have decreased their WiFi usage after upgrading, according to the report.

It finds that Ireland's 5G early-adopters are "very satisfied" with the speed, availability and network experience available.

"Decreased WiFi usage and increased demand for indoor 5G service suggests that a shift in consumer behaviour and a displacement of other means of connectivity is underway," said Mr Griffin.