While spending by Revolut's Irish customers dropped by 3% in April compared to March, new data shows a surge in spending on activities outside the home.

Spending increased across ten categories last month, with hotel spend up 28% compared to March.

Despite bars only being open for takeaway drinks under the current restrictions, spending was up 48%.

The data reveals that spending at bars rose the most in the 18-24 age group, up 61% on the previous month.

Transport spending also increased last month, with airline spend up 25%, commuter train spend up 23% and taxi spend up 21%.

Consumers also spent more in off-licences and at restaurants, both up 5%.

"The latest Revolut Report provides another indication that Irish consumers are ready to go out and spend in the local economy as restrictions start to ease," said Sebastian Hamilton, Head of Public Affairs for Revolut Ireland.

"This is positive news for those businesses which have been hardest hit by Covid-19," he said.

The data shows that spending declined across a number of sectors, including supermarket spend which was down 5%, as was spending in pharmacies.

Spend on digital goods and furniture was also down.

The report also confirms that young people are more likely to spend online than older generations.

In April, 52% of spending by 18-24 year-olds was online, while 49% of spending was online for the 25-34 age group.

By contrast, among the over 65 age group, just 24% of spending was online during April.

The online spending figure was 29% for 55-64s, 39% for the 45-54s and 46% for the 35-44s.

That said, however, the over 65 age group is up to three times more likely to do their supermarket shopping online than the 18-24 demographic.