Dublin-based revenue operations start-up Tacenda is targeting €600,000 in new investment to accelerate growth.

Tacenda has raised over €300,000 within a week of launching its crowdfunding campaign on the Spark CrowdFunding platform.

Revenue Operations aims to maximise an organisation's revenue potential by ensuring all the relevant departments are perfectly aligned with each other.

Telecoms, technology and high growth companies can lose up to 30% of their annual revenues by failing to align the various departments which are responsible for delivering and retaining revenues.

According to Tacenda, the Sales Department is often not aligned with the Finance Department, or the Marketing Department is not aligned with the Customer Services Department. This can result in operational inefficiencies.

Established early last year, Tacenda operates a business model in which companies pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of employees which use the software.

Its product is currently in beta tests with four high profile global software companies.

David Burke, CEO of Tacenda, said the company's beta tests indicate significant up-lifts in the revenue generating performance of its trial customers.

"We believe now is the time to bring in new funding to really target this €100 billion market," Mr Burke said.

"Having completed our initial proof of concept trials last year to great success, we are now seeking to progress to full rollout. This is a very exciting time for Tacenda and we want to bring in private investors to join us on the journey," he added.