Spending by Revolut's Irish customers in March was up 20% compared to the previous month, with a rise in travel related spend - both domestic and international.

The latest data shows that spending in every travel-related sector rose significantly from February.

Commuter transport spending was up 50%; spending on buses was up 42%; on taxis 40%; on passenger railways 37%; on parking 27%; on tolls 25% and on car rental 13%.

Spending related to foreign travel also increased, with airline spend up 57%; at airports 44%; on travel agencies 32%; on hotels 28% and in duty free stores by 14%.

Also, spending being carried out abroad by Irish Revolut users rose by 16% from February, while the number of people spending overseas increased by 11%.

The figures for travel are all still significantly below pre-pandemic levels, however they suggest significant changes in consumer behaviour since February.

The report also shows the number of people spending on clothes was up 12% and the amount they spent also increased by 12% compared to the previous month.

The report also shows that 95% of this spending was carried out online.

Overall, spending by Revolut’s Irish customers was 14% higher than in March 2020, when the country first went into lockdown.

While the restrictions in place across both periods cannot be compared directly, the data may suggest a degree of public adaptation to spending during a lockdown.