The Revenue Commissioners processed over a quarter of a billion euro in payments to employers under the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme in September, according to their latest statistics published this evening.

Payments totalling €254 million went to 32,700 employers in respect of 341,200 employees over that month, though a total of 38,700 employers have registered for the scheme.

Accommodation and food services accounts for the highest participation in the EWSS, comprising 18.2% of eligible employers, 30.2% of employees, and 28% of subsidies paid out. 

On a geographical basis, the vast majority of EWSS claims are in Co Dublin, which accounts for 31.3% of employers, 39.7% of qualifying employees, and 40.4% of subsidy payments worth €103m.

Cork lies in second place with €22m in subsidies, while Galway comes third with €15m.

Employers with fewer than ten employees accounted for over 67% of EWSS claims, 19.7% of qualifying EWSS employees, and just under 20% of payments.

Companies employing ten to 49 workers represented 27.6% of EWSS claims, just under 37% of eligible employees, and 37% of subsidy payments.

Those with 50-249 employees accounted for 4.7% of EWSS employers, 26.4% of qualifying employees and just over 26% of payments.

Finally, firms with a workforce exceeding 250 employees represented 0.5% of EWSS employers, 17% of EWSS employees, and 17.1% of subsidy payments. 

Of employees eligible for the subsidy scheme, 7.4% earned €151.50-€202.99 per week. 

41.6% have earnings of €203 to €450, while 33.2% receive wages ranging from €450.01 to €750.

12% are in the wage bracket of €750.01-€1,050, while the remaining 5.8% earn €1,050-€1,462 - the upper limit for eligibility. 

The Revenue has also processed payments totaling €22.8m for backdated EWSS claims for July and August in respect of seasonal workers and new hires. 4,500 employers are due EWSS subsidies covering 21,700 employees for this period.