Chambers Ireland has welcomed the publication of the Government's medium-term plan for living with Covid-19.

However, the organisation which represents businesses all over the country said there cannot be room for ambiguity.

 It said firms need a clear plan, in relation to what will occur if restrictions are reimposed in the coming months.

Chambers Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot called on the Government to introduce a stimulatory budget next month.

"There is an existing shortfall in infrastructure. The demands of the Green Transition will necessitate the revitalisation of our urban areas, the modernisation and expansion of our transport networks, and the reinforcement of our energy grid.

"This budget must aim to close that gap. Over the coming decade, these works will need to be done regardless. It makes sense to carry them out now when interest rates are negative and there is likely to be excess capacity in our construction sector for years to come," he said.

Mr Talbot said this morning’s report "Covid-19 pandemic and SMEs revenues in Ireland", published by the ERSI, demonstrates the "disastrous" circumstances which SME and Microenterprise businesses are facing.

"It now seems unlikely that our economy is on the ESRI report’s optimistic trajectory. The SME sector, which employs 63% of people working in Ireland, looks like it will be having a catastrophic 2020.

"It remains the case that the risks adherent to this pandemic are asymmetric, the risks associated with under-reacting to the virus far outweigh the risks of over-reacting," he said.