Irish consumers trust grocery retailers with their personal data more than they do with financial institutions or government bodies, according to a study by Deloitte and grocery retail group, Ahold Delhaize.

They spoke to 15,000 consumers across Europe for the study into European attitudes on the use of consumer data.

Among Irish consumers, trust in medical services providers was highest, followed by grocery retailers.

Just 30% of respondents across Europe indicated that they were unwilling to share their data with grocery retailers. 

This was a more favorable outcome than for other retailers, financial institutions, digital platforms, and social media platforms.

The study found that there was a greater willingness to share personal data among younger consumers and those who shop online more frequently.

The sharing of data by consumers with retailers has increased substantially since the introduction of loyalty programmes and the move to more online shopping.

"This increased ability to understand consumers needs to be used responsibly, with consumers' preferences at the core," Daniel Murray, Partner and Head of Consumer at Deloitte Ireland said. 

"Service providers should be aware of how customers feel about their data being used and the types of services that consumers are willing to share their data for."