Retail spending in June was up 40% on the same month last year as restrictions were eased further, according to the latest figures from the Central Bank.

The Credit and Debit Card Statistics for June showed that all sectors recorded month-on-month increases in spending.

The largest increases were recorded in the transport and accommodation sectors, both of which experienced the largest declines in spending since the start of the pandemic. 

Spending on accommodation was up 131% on May's figure as the movement restrictions were lifted and hotels and guesthouses reopened for business.

Spending on transport in June was up 80% on the figure for May.

Online spending was up by a third on the same month last year and was 16%, or €304 million, higher than the amount spent on e-commerce transactions in May.

Up until July 27th, total card spending - including ATM withdrawals - was about 6% below the daily average spending figure for July of last year.

Retail card spending experienced a peak at the beginning of July as restrictions were eased further, according to the regulator. 

Spending subsided slightly in the days that followed, and has been stable for the remainder of the month to date.