The utilities regulator is to normalise the level of emergency credit it offers 'Pay As You Go' gas customers, decreasing it from €100 to €10.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities said it had taken the decision, which will take effect from 29 June, to protect against customers increasing their debt levels.

The regulator had introduced the higher level of emergency prepayment to help gas customers to remain connected during the Government Covid-19 restrictions.

Over 19,000 customers availed of the credit with an average debt per customer of €25.

However, with those restrictions now eased, it is expected that people will be able to move around more easily to purchase top up credit.

The CRU said the decision would also protect consumers from accumulating greater emergency credit debt.

It will be possible for customers to pay off their emergency credit debt over a period as they purchase additional credit.

The CRU has warned that if a customer has used up all their emergency credit, they must have paid it back in order to access the facility again.

The moratorium on domestic disconnections has been extended until 29 June, but not beyond.