Queuing guidelines for Dublin shoppers have been published by the city council in anticipation of businesses reopening after June 8.

The council says it will be placing queuing icons on the ground in the main pedestrianised streets and on O'Connell St.

It is asking retailers to mark the ground outside their shops to indicate the queue location and correct spacing and to also ensure that adequate space remains on the footpath for passersby.

The guidelines state that barriers are not to be used while entrances and fire escapes are to remain free of people and access for the fire brigade has to be maintained.

In an update to councillors, officials also suggest that city businesses should consider operating on an appointment- only basis.

Meanwhile a special communications unit has been set up to deal with queries about the new mobility plan which will see road space given over to provide additional cycle and pedestrian facilities for social distancing.

The council says the response from businesses and residents groups has been "very significant and overwhelmingly positive". 

The unit can be contacted at covidmobility@dublincity.ie