Most businesses that have closed their doors in recent weeks because of the coronavirus restrictions put in place by government expect they will be closed for 12 weeks.

That is one of the findings of a survey of 1,149 businesses conducted by Chambers Ireland between Thursday of last week and this Monday.

Around four in ten survey participants said they had closed their businesses entirely with a further three in ten closing their public facing operations and are conducting business from home.

Half of respondents said they had laid off staff with one in five saying they had laid off their entire workforce.

About a quarter of the businesses surveyed said they expected their revenue to decline by more than 90% over the next three months.

84% said they expected revenue to decline by over a quarter - that is up from 73% in a previous survey conducted in late March.

"For those who have closed their operations entirely, most expect to remain closed for at least 12 weeks. Unfortunately, as we're seeing in other countries, the period is closure is likely to be longer for some businesses," Ian Talbot, chief executive of Chambers Ireland said.

"Should this come to pass, an honest dialogue with Government will be required regarding how the staff and employers who have lost their living will be supported," he added.