Irish firm, LetsGetChecked, has written to the HSE and Minister for Health to offer its testing kits direct to consumers so that they can test themselves for Covid-19 at home. 

The Dublin headquartered firm has developed a two-part test for coronavirus and claims to have the infrastructure, including a certified lab in the US and logistics network, to enable it to help address the challenge of mass testing.

Its test provides an immediate result within 15 minutes which is followed by full lab analysis based on oral and nasal swabs.

"We set up this company to help people by providing health screening and care in the home," said Peter Foley, CEO and Founder of LetsGetChecked.

"We have been developing our platform for years around this core concept and have delivered hundreds of thousands of tests to patients remotely."

"We are committed to diverting all resources to this problem so that we can be part of the solution to help people fight this global pandemic."

The firm thinks it is in a unique position to help frontline health workers to get tested safely and quickly from home, if the Government allows it to start distributing kits to frontline staff, as well as relieve pressure on over-stretched hospital screening.

The company says it is pricing its test at cost to make it accessible.