The Trump administration has asked Congress to approve $500 billion in cash payments to taxpayers in two rounds that would start April 6th.

It also requested $50 billion in secured loans for US airlines to address the financial impact of the coronavirus, according to a document seen by Reuters.

The payments would be tiered based on income and family size. They would be made in two $250 billion rounds on April 6th and May 18th, according to the document.

US President Donald Trump said Wednesday it was not clear what the size of the checks would be.

"We are looking at different numbers," Trump said. "Everybody seems to want to go big."

Congressional leaders are in talks about the proposal. Some Senate Republicans have called for $1,000 checks for taxpayers, but Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer says it should be higher.

"This is not a time for small measures. This is a time to be bold, to be aggressive," Schumer said Wednesday, saying he wants more frequent payments targeted to those who need them most.

The administration, as part of its $1 trillion stimulus and rescue proposal, also seeks another $150 billion to aid severely distressed sectors of the economy for secured lending or loan guarantees and $300 billion in small business interruption loans. 

"We want to help everybody," Mr Trump said.

Officials have said that could include hotels, restaurants, aviation manufacturing, and cruise lines. 

Boeing said it was seeking at least $60 billion in loan guarantees and other financing for the entire aviation manufacturing sector, while cargo and passenger airlines are seeking $58 billion in loans and grants.

President Trump held a call with the chief executives of Delta AirLines, American Airlines, United Airlines, UPS and other carriers on Wednesday.

Trump "told the airlines that they are an essential part of our daily lives and our economy, and this nation will be thereto support them," the White House said.

Airlines would be required to set limits on executive compensation until the loans were repaid and would also have to agree to continue service. 

US restaurants have asked for a $455 billion aid package, saying that the industry could shed nearly half of its 15.6 million jobs and at least a quarter of its annual sales because of the coronavirus outbreak.