Office workers care more about having a parking space and a crèche than frivolous free stuff, according to the Future of Work survey from Fine Grain property.

The survey found that 70% of people think providing good kitchen facilities is key, while free parking spaces is the second most important facility at 64%.

25% want a crèche in their workplace, while 18% want a gym.

The research shows that just 1% want a champagne bar and surprisingly nobody at all wants a go-kart track in their work place.

Colin MacDonald, founder and CEO of Fine Grain Property, said the research shows that when it comes to down to it, the frivolous gimmicks that spring to mind when you think about an early 21st century workplace simply are not what people want. 

"They want to be able to get to work easily and be able to park when they get there," he stated.

Mr MacDonald also said that workers want facilities for their children, which would make it easier for parents to return to work. 

"The 25% of respondents to the Fine Grain Property future of work survey who specified a creche as something an office should provide were almost equally split, female and male," he said.

He also said that people want gym facilities, allowing the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle during working hours.