Chambers Ireland has called on the next government to support balanced regional development. 

It said the next government must stick to commitments in the National Planning Framework and Climate Action Plan in order to support the competitiveness and sustainability of the regional economy through the delivery of key infrastructure. 

In its general election 2020 manifesto, Chambers Ireland said it has used the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for how a new government can help the country's towns and businesses thrive. 

Ian Talbot, the chief executive of Chambers Ireland, said that while job creation is at an all-time high, the economic recovery is not being felt in all parts of the country. 

"Under-investment in infrastructure, particularly housing, is detrimental to our quality of life and a substantial threat to our competitiveness and the sustainability of our economic recovery," Mr Talbot stated.

Focusing on housing, Chambers Ireland said that the country must move from failed planning policies that encourage sprawl, leading to congestion and poor quality of life. 

It called for more integration of targets on land management, planning, and public transport so that urban spaces which benefit everyone can be created. 

"As a first step, we want to see the introduction of a reformed Living City Initiative that supports the renovation of long-term vacant commercial properties," Mr Talbot said. 

Chambers Ireland also said that "substantial" investment in the low-carbon economy is essential. 

"Our collective inaction over the past decade to tackle climate change and decarbonise means that we not only risk breaching our 2030 climate targets, but we risk seriously undermining our attractiveness as a place to invest and do business," Mr Talbot cautioned.