So-called 'Generation Z' workers value work-life balance over other considerations, according to research by the employer brand specialist, Universum.

The data was collected from a survey of over 10,000 students from 22 educational institutions in the Republic of Ireland as well as another three in Northern Ireland.

Generation Z encapsulates those who entered adulthood post 2010.

They are entering the employment market at a more economically buoyant time than their millennial counterparts.

That appears to be reflected in their pay scales with graduates in business, engineering and IT earning 4% more than their Generation Y counterparts.

When it comes to the industries that Generation Z respondents would like to work for, financial services, banking and management consulting came out on top.

Universum partnered with for the research.

"One of the key trends to emerge from the research is graduates' emphasis on work/life balance," Orla Morgan, General Manager of said.

"It is up to employers to ensure they are meeting this demand.  In other words, the old-school 'we worked long hours when we were young' attitude that lingers in certain industries may undermine their recruitment and retention efforts into the future.

Career progression is also an important consideration among today's graduate job seekers.

"Employers should be really clear about the opportunities, both current and future, that a position in their company could offer, as this could compel a candidate to accept their role over a competitors’ offering," Ms Morgan added.