Datalex says it expects to report earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of between -$1m and +$1m for this year.

In its first prediction of its financial performance for 2019 since suspending guidance in August, the troubled travel software developer predicts revenues for the period will be flat at $45 million.

Acting Chairman and Interim CEO, Sean Corkery and newly appointed CFO Niall O'Sullivan have been carrying out a review of its entire business cost base.

In a statement to the stock market, the firm said that review is now complete and so it is once again able to provide forward looking guidance.

"The comprehensive review of our cost base and numerous corrective actions taken ensures the Company is now well positioned to return to stable and profitable growth," said Niall O’Sullivan, CFO of Datalex.

The review was triggered after "significant accounting irregularities" were discovered at the firm earlier this year.

Ten days ago the company revealed that its auditor EY had declined to give an audit opinion on the firm's 2018 accounts.

The company also reported a much bigger than expected loss of $50m for 2018, after what it described as the "most difficult year in the history of the group". 

The company had reported profits of $7.1m the previous year.

It said that the events uncovered early this year, including the breakdown in internal controls which failed to detect accounting irregularities, were "unprecedented".

News of the failures in January had sent the company's shares tumbling by almost 60% in one day.

Datalex’s AGM takes place in Dublin tomorrow.