Enterprise Ireland has indicated that around one in ten of its clients have yet to take action to prepare for Brexit.

According to its calculations, 86% of client companies have taken some steps towards dealing with the UK's expected departure from the EU in just over two months time.

It's a significant improvement on the 38% of companies who said they had taken preparatory steps in 2017.

The measures companies are taking include diversification of export markets, improving competitiveness, and boosting investment in research and development.

The state agency with responsibility for developing Irish business in the global market says to date it has invested €74 million in Brexit exposed companies by helping them to implement those measures.

EI has developed a site containing the 12 questions that exporting businesses need to consider to help prepare for the UK's departure.

Following consultation with over 1,000 exposed client companies, it said the braod common areas of concern that arose included customs, strategic sourcing and financial and currency management.

"The 12 Brexit Essentials identify the key questions that companies must be able to answer under each of the three business areas if they are to be prepared and to take action now if issues raised remain unanswered," Jonathan McMillan, Enterprise Ireland's Brexit unit manager said.

"As the possibility of a no deal Brexit looms, we are now asking businesses to focus on the everyday operating issues that these questions highlight to ensure they are ready as can be for whatever the outcome at the end of October. Our message to companies is that it is never too late to take action," he concluded.

Information on all the potential issues highlighted within the 12 questions are available on https://www.prepareforbrexit.com/