The value of exports fell by 5% in the month of June compared to the same month last year.

According to figures from the CSO, goods exports totalled €12.1 billion in the month, a decrease of €663 million on June 2018.

However, when compared to the previous month, goods exports fell by €1.9 billion, or 14%, in June.

That resulted in the trade surplus falling by a third to €4.23 billion in the month.

The value of exports to Britain declined by 6%, or €72 million, to €1.14 billion in June with food and live animals accounting for the biggest decrease.

However, export values to the UK were up 7% in the first six months of the year to €7.25 billion.

There was a €26 million, or 2%, fall in the value of UK imports in the month of June to €1.45 billion.

Exports to Britain account for 9% of total exports while British imports account for about a fifth of overall goods coming into the country.