Frances Fitzgerald MEP has been confirmed a full member of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. 

The committee plays a significant when it come to making decisions about the regulation of financial services, the free movement of capital, taxation and competition policy. 

"Since the financial crisis, the ECON Committee has been working at breakneck speed to develop a financial system that is fit-for-purpose in the EU and one that provides financial stability," Fitzgerald said.

"This is an important Committee for Ireland, for our financial services sector and for our economy."

"Corporate tax," Fitzgerald said, "will clearly be a big area of focus for the Committee," stressing the need for "strong Irish voices to battle against the push for EU corporate tax harmonisation." 

Fitzgerald also aims to attract investment.

"I will work with the European Investment Bank to push for a greater share of investment into Irish projects," she said, calling the EIB's InvestEU project - which will channel over €700 billion into the EU economy over the next seven years - "an enormous opportunity for Ireland."