A new survey of companies in the food sector has found that senior executives are concerned about Government performance in relation to housing, health and education as well as rising business costs, price discounting, insurance costs and labour shortages.

The survey, administered by BWG group, fielded responses from executives at over 53 companies across the food supply chain. 

In many areas, respondents expressed discontent with the Government. 

More than half of respondents rated Government performance on housing and health as "poor" or "very poor."

Only 15% percent of respondents felt the Government performed with respect to education and childcare. 

In other areas, such as management of Brexit and job creation, respondents felt Government performance was "very good." 

Findings also showcase a general sense of optimism among industry leaders.

Over the next 12 months, 91% of respondents expect turnover growth in the next year, and 98% of respondents believe the market will performance will perform at above above its current levels. 

In terms of employment, 67% of respondents believe they will employ more people in 2022, and 55% of respondents expect to employ more in 2024. 

"Our suppliers ... have provided a frank assessment of the Government's performance, highlighting that while the Government is doing well at a macro level, it's failing to address the fundamental needs of Irish citizens in terms of housing health and education," Leo Crawford, Group Chief Executive of BWG Group, said.

"If not addressed, the concern is that these issues will undermine the positive momentum that is driving current economic growth and job creation."