In this week's episode of the Borrowers it's all Bla, bla, bla… in St Dominic Credit union in Waterford City. 

Pat Murphy is in a bit of a jam, her car has failed the NCT and she is in desperate need of a new runaround. 

Credit union loan officer Paul Corcoran knows Pat well, over the past few years - she's had loans for new hips, holidays and even a new three piece suite, but one loan stands out amongst all the rest. 

Pat has already sorted her grave and headstone for when the inevitable happens, well, it's good to be prepared.

Also in Waterford, Gymnasts Ciara and David are hoping to balance their books by consolidating their debt, and loan officer Alma Kelly is bending over backwards, not only to help them, but also to fulfill her own gymnastic dream.

In Cara Credit Union Tralee, restaurateur Kevin is hoping to get on the housing ladder. 

Despite being a successful businessman, Kevin has never had any luck when it comes to applying for a mortgage. 

Credit unions are a new player in the mortgage market but the rules are no more relaxed, can Kevin meet the strict criteria and find his dream home?