Tokyo prosecutors have indicted former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn on two new charges of financial misconduct his lawyer said.

The new charges will add to the legal challenges for the once-feted auto executive. 

Ghosn was charged with aggravated breach of trust for temporarily transferring personal investment losses to Nissan in 2008, and for understating his compensation for three years, from 2015 to 2017, a statement from his lawyer Motonari Otsuru showed. 

Otsuru said his team was applying for bail to release Ghosn, who has been detained since his November 19 arrest. 

He had already been charged for under-reporting his income for the five years up to 2015. 

It is uncommon for defendants in Japan who deny their charges to be granted bail ahead of trial. 

Otsuru earlier this week said Ghosn would likely be held until the trial which could begin in about six months. 

Even if bail were granted, Ghosn would not likely be released until Tuesday given that Monday is public holiday in Japan. 

In a court hearing on Tuesday, Ghosn denied the accusations, calling them "meritless" and "unsubstantiated". 

His lawyers, in an opinion submitted to the court, argued that Ghosn's actions, including using Nissan's financial standing as collateral to secure currency exchange swaps, were undertaken with the approval of Nissan's board and officers. 

The boards of Nissan and its French 43.4% owner, Renault, met yesterday for an update on the Ghosn investigations.

Nissan later said in a statement that it remained committed to the alliance that has strained ties between the two automakers.  

At its own informal meeting, Renault said its directors were updated on the company's compliance investigation into paymentsto top executives.