Revenue secured almost €11m in taxes and penalties during the first three months of this year, according to its latest Tax Defaulters' List.

The vast majority of that related to 61 settlements reached with individuals and businesses, with more than €1.5m coming from court-imposed fines or penalties.

Overall Revenue said it settled 1,251 audits and investigations in the three month period - while it also made close to 20,000 so-called Risk Management Interventions - resulting in a total yield of €115.63 million in tax, interest, and penalties.

The largest settlement in the quarter was with retired medical consultant Valerie Donnelly, who was found to have owed €1.14m in income tax. When interest and penalties were added, her settlement with Revenue totalled almost €1.86m. 

Furniture retailer Michael Thorpe of Enniscorthy in Wexford settled for just over €480,000 in relation to the under-declaration of income tax and non-declaration of VAT.

Meanwhile John Mulholland, a former company director residing in Co Antrim, owed €190,000 in income tax, with his total settlement coming to €381,761.