Over three quarters of Irish-based employers intend on giving staff pay rises this year, according to the latest Employment Market Monitor from recruitment firm Cpl Resources.

The report, which covers the first three months of 2018, says that employers are aware of the difficulty posed in keeping staff as the country moves towards full employment.

The official unemployment rate for March was 6.1%, which is down from above 15% in the midst of the financial crisis.

Employers cited better career opportunities (41%) and better salaries and promotions (33.3%) as the most common reasons why they lost employees, and over 80% of companies surveyed see the employment market favouring employees.

According to the survey, employers find the top business costs to be salaries and related employment benefits, followed by property and rental costs. 

According to Cpl, despite the uncertainty of Brexit negotiations 68% of Irish-based companies believe they have yet to experience any impact.

On the changes in the job market, Senior Director of Cpl Resources Rob Daly believes employees can "move with more fluidity than five years ago and employers know they have to incentivise their staff to stay with them".

68% of the 188 survey respondents noted "the boom" was back only in certain, already-affluent parts of the country, most notably Dublin.

Cpl says this may relate to the high property and rental costs referenced earlier since much FDI-related investment is in these more affluent areas.