Dublin Airport has been named one of Europe’s leading airports in direct connectivity and hub connectivity, according to a new major aviation report.

The ACI Europe Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2017 ranked European airports based on how many direct services an airport has.

It also considered the frequency of those services and the quality of the connections that are available.

Dublin Airport entered the top 20 for both direct and hub connectivity, coming in at 20th and 18th respectively.

"Air connectivity is essential for the Irish economy, which is one of the most open economies in the world", said Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison.

The report found that Dublin Airport’s hub connectivity has increased by 286% over the past 10 years.

Dublin is also one of a number of new secondary hubs which have emerged recently, according to ACI.

Dublin Airport’s direct connectivity has also increased rapidly over the past 10 years – growing by 23% since 2007.

It is one of three new entrants to the top 20 alongside Moscow-Sheremetyevo and Palma de Mallorca.

"Dublin Airport now has much greater direct and hub connectivity than it had before the global downturn, and we’re continuing to expand", Mr Harrison said.

"Over the past three years alone Dublin Airport has seen 53 new routes and capacity increases on 84 existing services."

The report found that Amsterdam Schiphol is Europe’s leading airport in terms of direct connectivity while Frankfurt has the best hub connectivity in the world.