Mayo-based clothing company Portwest has acquired an Australian competitor for more than €7.5 million.

The move is the latest in a series of planned acquisitions by the Hughes Group, which is headquartered in Westport.

Prime Mover Workwear is a Melbourne-based company which was established in 2004. Portwest says the purchase gives it a foothold in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The company is forecasting a turnover of €350 million a year by 2020 and says it has put a global strategy in place to allow it to maximise its reach.

It has warehouses in the US, Europe and the Middle East at present.

The firm's main centre of production is in Bangladesh and it is planning to open another manufacturing hub in Myanmar later this year.

The Hughes Group - led by brothers Cathal, Harry and Owen - recently purchased Westport House in their hometown, for a figure believed to be in the region of €10 million.

They plan to construct a conference centre, extra accommodation and an interpretative centre on the 450-acre grounds over the next two years.