Dublin-based artificial intelligence start-up firm Voysis has secured $8m (€7.6m) in funding, which the company will use to expand its US team in Boston and further develop its technology.

Voysis generates deep-domain, brand-specific, intelligent voice systems in near real time.

Its new platform was launched today and the company will be opening a new office in Boston.

The company was founded by CEO Peter Cahill, a Ph.D. who has spent 15 years researching speech technology and neural network research.

Mr Cahill believes Voysis is breaking through as the next interface.

He said: “Apple, Amazon and Google have built general purpose voice assistants that do an excellent job of understanding simple commands, but can sometimes lack real utility and purpose for third party applications.

“We deliberately designed and developed Voysis to fill this gap - a platform to quickly and easily build and deploy intelligent voice applications that are specific to individual brands.”