A Dublin start-up company that analyses content in the vast online world of news media, and allows clients to streamline the news that is important to them, has announced a major investment in its operations. The company is called NewsWhip and it has just raised almost $6.5m in funding from a range of investors including the Associated Press.

Andrew Mullaney, the company's chief technology officer, described NewsWhip as a provider of content intelligence to the storytellers. "We monitor how news and content gets engaged with in real time on social media and we provide it to media. It's a technology platform that does the work. There's 1.6 billion social media users each day and they're sharing different content so finding out what's important to them is a huge task."

NewsWhip started out as a consumer focused app but later developed into a client based subscription service. "Initially we thought it would be used for regular news readers but we rapidly realised that journalists wanted more professional news sets so we changed the business model to concentrate on them and providing it as a subscription service," he explained. "It's difficult to make money with advertising online so if you can move to a subscription based business, it's an easier business model," he added.

The tools are also used by a range of corporate clients who may want to follow theme-specific stories that are relevant to the business. Andrew Mullaney said the group would be using the investment to recruit engineers, machine learning experts and product designers. 

Asked about the phenomenon of fake news, Andrew Mullaney said it was difficult to root out and identify such stories. "There are some known fake news domains that we provide as warnings to some clients. There's a lot of heavily opinionated news and it's quite hard to distinguish between what's heavily opinionated and what's fake news," he stated.

MORNING BRIEFS - Dublin-listed Irish Residential Properties REIT or I-RES has announced profits of €47m in its preliminary results for 2016. That was up from just under €31m a year earlier. I-RES is the state's biggest private landlord with 2,378 apartments at the end of December. Earlier this week, it was refused planning for a major apartment development in Sandyford on height and density concerns.

*** Multinational companies were slower to recruit here in January, particularly in the IT sector, according to the latest monthly employment monitor from recruiters, Morgan McKinley. That has had a positive impact on domestic firms, particularly outside of the major urban centres, that are now on a more level playing field when it comes to staff recruitment and retention. In relation to Brexit, Morgan McKinley is seeing interest in Ireland from large Asian headquartered banks which are carrying out some contingency planning and seeing what Ireland has to offer as a potential European base.

*** It looks more and more likely that the era of higher interest rates is nigh. The Chair of the US Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, told Congress yesterday that the Fed will likely need to raise rates at an upcoming meeting. The Fed increased rates once in 2016 - in December - having promised four, but it appears that they mean business when they say they will introduce three rate hikes this year. However, Ms Yellen did give herself an out by citing uncertainty around the policies of the Trump administration. Rates in the US are currently in the range of 0.5 to 0.75%. In the euro zone, the base rate remains at zero.

*** Dublin fintech firm e-Channel Financial Systems has signed a $1.4m deal with one of Kenya's biggest supermarket chains - Tuskys. It will supply the chain with intelligent safe solutions that counts, sorts and counterfeit-checks lodgements as well as providing enhanced security features.