Euro zone unemployment was 10% in September, unchanged from a downward revised 10% in August and in line with expectations, the European Union's statistics office said today. 

Unemployment fell in most countries sharing the euro currency, notably in Belgium, Ireland and France, while more people were out of a job in Austria, Italy and Luxembourg. 

Previously, Eurostat had estimated euro zone unemployment at 10.1% for August. 

In September, youth unemployment fell to 20.3% from 20.6%, driven by improvements in Spain and Italy.

However the overall level of those under the age of 25 without a job remained particularly high in those countries.

Among euro zone countries, Germany had the lowest level of unemployment, stable at 4.1%.

Meanwhile, unemployment in the full 28-nation EU was also unchanged at 8.5% in September, Eurostat said.

Joblessness in the single currency bloc had hit a record high of 12.1% during the worst of the debt crisis.

But unemployment has dropped slowly since that peak, with euro zone governments putting the priority on slashing public spending rather than more spending to stimulate jobs. 

The European Central Bank has launched a massive stimulus programme in early 2015 to boost demand but to little apparent effect.